The Airport Story

I was on my way to a one-day conference during the early 2000s, and was traveling without any checked luggage. As I was waiting in fairly long security line, I distinctly heard a voice in my head that told me “Put your knife in the car, NOW.” At the time, I carried a small Swiss Army Knife from LL Bean; I had gotten the knife when I was 16 years old as a Christmas gift from my mother, who had died a few years previously. I’d had it in my purse off and on since then. I hesitated, since the line was quite long, and I was afraid I would miss my plane if I returned to my car in the parking garage. I heard the voice again, more insistently “Put the knife in the car, NOW.” I obediently got out of line and made my way back to the car, put the knife in the glove compartment, then came back to the security line.

In the time I had gone and returned, the line had evaporated, so I was able to walk right up to the TSA agent and go on to my gate. While I was sitting there waiting for the flight to be called (it turned out to have been slightly delayed coming in), I heard the voice one more time: “You will be taken out of line and searched; relax and all will be well.”

And sure enough, when I handed my boarding pass to the agent at the gate, it gave a funny beep, and the agent directed me to the side: my name had “randomly” come up for a manual search! They were very respectful and thorough, and apologized for the inconvenience. I smiled the entire time, since I knew all would be well.

– Sue Wilhite
Master Voyager Tarot Consultant
Positively Success

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