Would you like to join our wonderful line up of guest speakers?

Here’s how it works:

  1. All speakers automatically become affiliates, but with a 50% commission instead of 25%
  2. Speakers give a 60 minute presentation, which will be recorded and stored on the Trust Your Gut site. The presentation should include the themes of following intuition, validation, and/or overcoming difficulties and perservering.
  3. Speakers also make a bonus offer of some kind for our Platinum members at least – some kind of freebie (ebook, video, report, course, etc).
  4. Speakers have the option of creating course material for the Trust Your Gut website; content will be free to Platinum and Diamond members, and paid for other levels. Commission is paid on course material at the same rate.
  5. Speakers are expected to promote Trust Your Gut and their presentation to their contacts (email list, social media, etc).

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