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    David Brubaker

    Well, I approached this a little differently. When I previously worked with E-Squared in a class at my church, I found that it all worked better when I had some feeling/emotional connection to the project. So, since I don’t really care about sunset beige cars or green cars, I decided to look for something that I care about.

    I settled on looking for “acts of kindness.” It was quite revealing in that I noticed many that I would otherwise have not paid attention to. Since I happened to do the experiment on a couple days when I didn’t get out of the house much, some of what I observed was on TV. Who would have expected to see a number of acts of kindness on the NFL draft, of all things, but there they were. I also found that having that intention and focus resulted in my being more likely to notice opportunities to perform an act of kindness.

    I didn’t actually do a count but there were a good many and it was a pleasant experience.


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