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    Sue Wilhite

    Well, I got my answer pretty quickly!
    This morning, I was late to work. Parking around Castro Street during the day has been horrible lately, with all the construction taking up some of the on-street parking that used to be available. Usually on Thursday and Friday, since I come in at 11am, the 2 spaces behind the store are long gone, and I get to park 3, 4 or even 5 blocks away and hike in with my backpack and water bottle. I don’t mind walking in the morning when I arrive, but when I leave at 8pm or later, the sun’s down, and the streets are not well-lit.
    So, as I was driving along, I was about 1/2 mile away and suddenly I thought: that’s what I’ll ask for my blessing! Parking in the back of the store. Dude – get on it!
    What do I find when I turn into the alleyway behind the store? BOTH spaces are open – no one has parked there. Completely empty!
    DUDE!! I fist-pump! SCORE!!


    David Brubaker

    Hi all. I have a couple results to report, because I did the experiment a couple times. Minor results but clear.

    Actually, I’ve done the whole set of experiments in a class at my church, so I’m repeating now. Since we have a month between meetings, I’m kind of thinking of doing most of the experiments multiple times to get it more deeply and get more practice.

    First time: I got an unexpected but welcome request for a connection on LinkedIn. It was a “real” request from someone I know, not one of those requests from somebody you don’t know who is just spamming everyone with connection requests.

    Second time: One night, four Bay Area sports teams were on TV at the same time–Giants, As, Warriors, and Sharks. I was channel-flipping keeping up with all the games but mostly only checking in on the Sharks game when the others were on commercials. So one time I tuned to the Sharks, got an urge/hunch to keep watching for a couple minutes, and the Sharks scored a goal. Later, a few seconds after I tuned to the Sharks again, they scored another goal. I saw only about four minutes total of the Sharks game but saw them score two goals.

    Oh, this too: Between repetitions of the experiment when I was considering repeating it but hadn’t definitely decided to, I got another demonstration. I clicked on an ad for book marketing services, and it led me to some fresh thoughts and feelings on the whole subject. BTW, based on my experience in the class at my church, results show up when your consciousness gets right, even if you haven’t actually started the experiment formally. One time when I was thinking about what to ask for before starting one experiment, three of the things I was considering asking for showed up in my life before I actually decided what to ask for.



    Sue Wilhite

    Dave, I completely agree with your comment “results show up when your consciousness gets right, even if you haven’t actually started the experiment formally.” I think the Universe gets in line when we get in alignment!
    Great job! (Keep watching the Sharks – who knows, maybe this time they’ll make it!)


    Prem Sujan

    Hi everyone,

    So yesterday at our prosperity book club meeting I requested the universe for a blessing for every hour for today, Thursday, May 8th.

    Well, it has come true in one form or another. In fact, some of the hours today have been filled with more than just one blessing. Just to share a synopsis of my experience today, during one of the hours I heard back from a local jewelry designer, another hour received an email from Firestone for a discount coupon for service through end of May, yet another hour heard back from a family friend regarding a message left during 3rd week of April on a visit to the Monterey Peninsula where they stay. The experience is still ongoing today as the universe answers my request.

    Each one of these experiences today is a blessing as it is interconnected with my life in some way or another and has been a positive influence towards my journey.

    One footnote I’ll add is that I received more regular mail than usual today, including things that require my working energy, which I see as a way for the universe for focusing my attention towards work related stuff.

    Best, Prem

    ps. During 2 of the other hours, I got offered coconut and carrot juices from associates / friends, two of my favorites indeed.

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