In 2007, at the eWomen Network Annual Conference in Dallas, I witnessed Sara Blakely (the inventor of Spanx) tell her story of perseverance in the face of multiple obstacles. During her inspiring talk, she repeated the phrase “I just had to trust my gut…” whenever something seemed to stop her or whenever she started to doubt herself. Her “gut” guided her to being the youngest female self-made millionaire in the world.

Other speakers during the conference used the same phrase to describe their path to success. It seemed to become a theme of the conference.

A vision inspired me: what if successful women like Sara Blakely and others were able to record their story, and then women business owners who needed a touch of inspiration to pull them through the tough times could listen to the voices of encouragement and get re-energized to bring their brilliance to the world. They could get validation and renew their confidence in a supportive community.

It took me years to get this vision started, but I’ve trusted my gut, and now, here it is, bigger and better than I had originally dreamed!

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If you have a special story to share, and want to be a guest on the the Trust Your Gut speaker series, please send your information via the Speaker Application form. Looking forward to hearing your story! 

To Your Success!

Sue Wilhite
CEO, Positively Success
Founder, Trust Your Gut community